Back pain does not pass. Why back pain

Almost everybody experienced with back pain. Extremely rare those who has never come across this problem. To a greater or lesser extent this problem is faced by millions of people and for some it becomes a real trouble. Most often the pain manifests in the lower back. It all depends on what the lumbar vertebrae take the maximum load from the weight of the whole body.What to do if back hurts ?

back pain

What action to take if back pain?

Sometimes discomfort in the lower back is quite some time to sit in an uncomfortable position. But it is only a consequence of a long stay in an uncomfortable position. Severe pain in the lower back, almost always depends on the specific factors and is a serious reason in order to consult a doctor.

Without proper treatment it can lead to serious complications, even to the point that you can get on the operating table. Doctor must diagnose the cause of pain, then you need to start treatment.

If you manifest such symptoms, immediately go on reception to the neurologist:

  • 2-3 days in a row, there is a serious ongoing back pain;
  • more than 2 weeks without improving hurts chronic pain;
  • for no apparent reason, suddenly there is a pain in the back;
  • pain is felt in the chest, shortness of breath, accompanied by stomach cramps and a high temperature;
  • after the trauma of the painful sensation;
  • pain echo in the leg, knee, feet.

Causes of back pain can be:

  • the work associated with stress, heavy physical exertion, driving, computer;
  • excessive training sessions;
  • sitting or standing work;
  • weight.

What not to do for back pain?

Pain is difficult to cure but if you suffer from back pain stop doing a few things:

  1. Do not lift heavy objects. If your work or exercise linked with lifting weights, try to abandon this for a while. Allow your back to relax a bit and relax. Do not allow yourself to lift something heavier than 2 kg.
  2. Do not forget about sport. To lift weights is not necessary, but some physical exercise to do. If you are not concerned about severe pain, do a light jog or an intense long walks.
  3. Don't forget about your posture in the workplace. The main problem for the health of the back is a posture we adopt when sitting. Many are constantly slouching. If your job involves sitting, keep your back straight, and feet of both legs lay flat on the floor. The monitor should not be above your eyes. It is recommended to look at it a little from top to bottom.
  4. Don't worry about the diagnosis. It happens that the diagnosis of back pain is not possible exactly to put. Not very worry for the reason that is causing the pain, of course if it becomes unbearable. Instead, most try to move, knead, and try to strengthen the back muscles.
the spine

Prevention of back pain

  • often do a warm-up and get up, if you are a long time at the computer;
  • if you have long-standing, lean on the wall;
  • wear a backpack, weight evenly spread on both hands;
  • when you lift something heavy, bend your knees;
  • avoid sudden movements;
  • every day do exercises with a twisting and pulling, tilting of the body;
  • try to keep your back straight constantly follow the carriage;
  • remove pillows, sleep on a special orthopedic mattress.

It is not necessary to wait that the pain will go away itself. If that does not help and the pain persists, consult a doctor. He will tell you how to get rid of pain and will even suggest different ways of dealing with it.

Treatment of acute back pain

Perhaps, everyone in life had to deal with back pain. Sudden attack of acute pain is uncomfortable, agonizing and painful sensations, causes a person to suffer.

The question arises: back pain what to do?

In such an unpleasant situation, you need as soon as possible, identify the causes of pain and to immediately proceed to their elimination. Before starting treatment, contact your doctor. Often, to get rid of pain and maintain the health of the spine using a special exercise program.

After reading our article, you'll learn what to do when a sharp or "pulling" pain, when to seek help from a doctor, learn about effective exercises to restore the health of the back.

Causes of acute pain in the spine

The basic cause of pain in the back are chronic disorders and degenerative processes in diseases.

  • bad posture, the curve" of the spine;
  • weak abdominal muscles;
  • diseases of different organs pyelonephritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, faceted syndrome.

But, in addition to chronic conditions, pain in the back may appear due to other circumstances. Often, the onset of pain may be caused by sudden movement or jerk. Damaged muscles, ligaments, and discs trying to protect the spine from the adverse effects come in strong tension, and then abruptly relax. Such mechanical failure destabilizie the whole system and any minor load, such as a conventional tilt stand with bags, may be the last straw and cause a muscle spasm, sprain and displacement of the disks.


Other causes of pain:

  • lifting weights;
  • high physical load on the spine.

What to do when acute back pain

If you encounter this problem, first and foremost, stop any movement and lie down on a flat surface, as in the supine position with the muscles of the spine the load is removed and reduced pressure. It relaxes the body and reduce pain. Not to worry, and panic – every problem is solvable. If you lie on your back and the pain persists, try to change your position, lie on your right side; find the position, where will not feel pain.

In some cases, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor?

You had an accident, you suddenly numb limbs, you fell and hurt her

the spine immediately call an ambulance!

In the case of the following symptoms should call a doctor as soon as possible:

  • back pain does not pass, even if you change position;
  • there was weakness in his legs became heavy urination and bowel movement;
  • a sharp pain in the left side of the body.

Situations require emergency medical help. In addition, to prevent the onset of pain, you should consult a specialist in these situations:

  • lately you get tired quickly;
  • menopause in women;
  • the strict diet;
  • you are a vegetarian;
  • you for over 60 years.

Acute back pain – treatment

Presented to your attention a set of exercises to eliminate pain in the back. As their causes of each are different, you should try all the postures and exercises to find those that can help. Do the exercises on a firm mattress or gymnastic Mat.

Dealing with the pain the first day.

In the case of amplification of pain while performing any of the exercises, stop immediately, otherwise you will only aggravate the problem.

Each exercise should be performed several sets of 3, increasing with each passing day the number of repetitions up to a maximum of 10 times.

Presents exercises to prevent stiffness of the back muscles will reduce the likelihood of problems with the spine will subsequently provide muscle tone.

Starting position – lying down, rising slightly on his elbows. Slowly lower your body down, then slowly return to the starting position.


Lie down on a flat surface, raise your legs and bend your knees. Hold this position up to the count of 10, then slowly lower feet to the floor.

Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders. Shift your hip to one side and tilt the torso in the opposite direction. Repeat 3 times.

Original position like the previous exercise. Make a move back, trying to connect the blades, while slightly lifting the chin. To return to the starting position. Repeat up to 3 times.

In acute back pain active treatment with the complex of physical exercises lasts for two days. You should then return to normal life without pain in the spine. If the pain is not gone – see your doctor.

Operation of the spine without pain

To maintain muscle tone and health of the spine, consider the following recommendations:

  • continue to do the exercises daily exercise;
  • follow the carriage;
  • take a walk in the fresh air;
  • continue intimate relationships. Sexual activity promotes flexibility and relaxation of the lower spine.
  • do not lift weights.

Monitor your health, maintain muscle tone. Remember that a healthy back is the basis for the overall health of the person. Exercise, follow a useful exercise, thus preserving the mobility and functioning of the spine without disease and without severe pain until old age!