Pain in lower abdomen and lower back: that's maybe the reason

Women suffer from pain more often than men. The pain is not only due to gynecological diseases, but also for several other reasons. Pain in this part of the body can be a symptom of many very dangerous pathologies that threaten human life. Only a doctor can diagnose and determine how to cure the disease. To self-medicate here is highly undesirable, moreover, it could just be life-threatening.

pain in the lower back and abdomen

Diagnosis, symptoms

First of all, any doctor asks the patient, who suffer the lower abdominal area and lower back, the strength, intensity of pain, as well as their other features. He, in particular, is interested in:

  1. However, what type of pain (sharp, aching).
  2. Change, because of her body temperature, you feel chills, do not throw it in the heat.
  3. Where exactly is the pain (lower back, right lower abdomen, below left, both sides, center).
  4. She not causes: vomiting, bleeding, fever, difficulty in urination, frequent urge to it.

The patients doctor will ask whether pain relationship to menstruation, possible pregnancy.

Diagnosing the origin of pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, the doctors are doing the following:

  • Produce an endoscopy of the stomach, intestines, bladder.
  • Conduct laboratory studies to identify a possible herpes infection.
  • Make a General analysis of blood. If the test shows an increased content of leukocytes, elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, then the obvious is the presence of an inflammatory process.
  • Take a urine sample. When it increased the number of leukocytes or erythrocytes, it is quite likely, problems of the urinary tract.
  • Conduct ultrasound of the organs located in the heart of the pelvis. It is conducted to ensure that the pain is not caused by diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Make a special diagnostics to detect diseases that you can catch during sex.
  • Conduct x-ray examination of the pelvis and of individual sections of the spine.

What caused the pain in the abdomen and lower back

Pain can have a variety of causes and disease. She's usually very strong when the body is inside the body, broken, there was a break and the person bleeding internally.

In chronic inflammation, pain, dull, aching, nagging, and when intracavitary pressure they usually have a pulsating character.

Here are the basic disease, a symptom which can be a pain in the lower abdominal area and lower back:

  1. Inflammation of the Appendix (appendicitis). The pain is accompanied by vomiting, fever. It is usually strong, very sharp, but in some cases it is aching. Delayed treatment of appendicitis can lead to its rupture and development of a deadly disease – sepsis of the abdominal cavity.
  2. Infection in system urine excretion, inflammatory processes in the bladder (urethritis, cystitis, etc.). In addition to pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, for these diseases also characterized by the presence of blood clots in the urine.
  3. Various infections of the intestine. Localization of pain usually in the lower abdomen, but sometimes in the lower back. She's drawing the character. Other typical symptoms of intestinal infections include mucous and bloody inclusion in the stool. A doctor should be treated immediately, otherwise it can result in severe complication, sepsis (blood poisoning).
  4. Inflammation of the intestines. Localization of pain in the abdomen. She also reminds himself of lower back and groin. If the inflammation is ignored, then soon there will be a direct ulcer or duodenal ulcer.
  5. Colitis. Besides the aching pain in the lumbar region in humans there is an increase in temperature along with bloating. The pain is sharp at first, but gradually becomes dull (when the disease acquires a chronic form).
  6. Inguinal hernia. When the inner body turns the skin and pressure on it, the muscles, the lower back ache is so unbearable that the person can even lose consciousness. Among other common symptoms of inguinal hernia it should be noted vomiting and nausea. Without surgery can not do, and therefore you should call an ambulance immediately.
  7. Urolithiasis. The pain is recurrent, her character is stupid, but can be acute (when the stone begins to move). Localization in different parts of the lower abdomen and lower back.
  8. Low back pain. The destruction of the lumbar vertebrae leads to pinching of nerve roots that cause pain. Its location – on the back, but it may radiate to the lower back and lower regions of the abdomen.
  9. Neoplasms. Abdominal pain can also signal cancer of the digestive system and the genitourinary system.

In the not so common causes of severe pain in the lumbar and lower portions of the abdomen are:

  • osteoarthritis of intervertebral joints;
  • arthritis rheumatoid);
  • stenosis;
  • scoliosis.

Also pain in the area of the body possible in the stroke.

Features of pain in women

The appearance of pain in the lower parts of the abdomen and in the lumbar region in women are sexual diseases, but they are not alone. Gynecological diseases the pain is in the left or right lower abdomen, but sometimes it covers the whole area of the abdominal and back. It is a sign of such conditions and diseases as:

  1. Premenstrual syndrome. Accompanied by a dull pain in the abdomen and lower back. The cause of the syndrome – spastic contractions of the uterus. They are observed before and in the first days of menstruation. Syndrome caused by chronic inflammatory processes.
  2. Menstrual pain. During menstruation the female uterus begins to grow, decrease that the body was easier to get rid of blood clots. Painful manifestations in the abdomen and in the lumbar region caused by these intense contractions. Women are less stable hormonal background, the more painful symptoms. If she had given birth, these pain symptoms talking about serious diseases.
  3. Cysts and other benign tumors.
  4. Ovarian apoplexy. It happens after sex, physical exertion, when a Mature follicle with an egg breaks. Localization of pain in the lower parts of the abdomen, but it is felt in the lower back. The nature of its acute. Associated symptoms – dizziness, nausea, General weakness.
  5. Inflammation of the fallopian tubes, vagina or uterus. The pain is severe, sharp. To delay the treatment of these inflammations is impossible.
  6. A tilted uterus. He spikes caused by genetics. Localization of pain symptoms is lower abdomen. They have a pull character.
  7. Adnexitis – the so-called inflammation of the uterine appendages. The disease usually begins after birth, abortion. At first the pain is mild, their localization in the abdomen. If left untreated, will develop peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum of the pelvis). Then the pain becomes unbearable, its location will shift to the groin (right or left).
  8. Fibroids. This is a benign tumor that is often localized in the lower abdominal area and the lumbar region of the body. Usually accompanied by cramping painful attacks.
  9. Ectopic pregnancy. After the fertilized egg attaches to the fallopian tube, an unpleasant nagging pains in the lower parts of the abdomen (right or left), which give in the waist. Various forces bleeding, loss of consciousness – common symptoms of this condition. The pain symptoms are worse during movement and defecation. To eliminate ectopic pregnancy should be immediately to avoid rupture of the fallopian tube.
  10. Endometriosis (inflammation in the area of the uterus and ovaries). Pain in the presence of this disease is particularly strong during menstruation.
  11. Ovarian rupture. Pain in the lower abdominal area at this illness are unbearable, they lead to loss of consciousness. The patient with this disease needs urgent surgery, as there is great danger of infection of the abdomen after getting into her blood.
  12. Abruption early pregnancy. The placenta separates from the wall of the uterus before the baby was born. The disease is accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen. Their character is stupid, progressive, paroxysmal. Other symptoms include bleeding, and problems with cardiac activity of the fetus.
  13. The risk of miscarriage. The pain is more pronounced in the abdomen, but in the lumbar region it is weaker.
  14. Premature birth. Accompanied by cramping and pulling pain in the lumbar region or lower abdomen.

The lower abdomen and lower back can ache immediately after an abortion. Here pain is a sign that the abortion was carried out successfully, the fertilized egg is removed only partially. To treat need it urgently, otherwise there will be sepsis.

Sick after too much rough sex after a break up walls or vault of the vagina, with cervical erosion, causing damage.


If after sex not only feels pain, but also stands out blood, the woman probably has contracted some kind of infection (usually chlamydia).

Polyps – another common reason for the pain appear in the lower parts of the abdomen after sexual intercourse. They often bleed. Polyps it is necessary to remove as they sometimes transform into cancer.

The pain symptoms along with bleeding after sex can be caused by dysplasia (abnormal cell changes of the cervix).

Also women have pain in these areas of the abdomen can be caused by psychogenic factors, be caused by stress, frustration, depressive disorders. In such a case, the woman need to consult a therapist or psychiatrist and maybe psihofarmakoterapia.

Why the lower abdomen and lower back pain in men

In men, they are sick much less often than women. The main reasons for this (and women) there is disease of the reproductive system. These include:

  1. Prostatitis. It is because of him such soreness usually appear. Pain during urination or bowel movements is another symptom of inflammation of the prostate.

How to get rid of such pain

Doctors highly recommend not to self-medicate to attempt to remove them using painkillers. The first thing to do is to go to the doctor, who will make the diagnosis, prescribe appropriate treatment. Medical care for these pains is necessary, if:

  • They are kept longer than one hour.
  • Is their gain, when the person moves or coughs.
  • Longer days no bowel movement, but there is flatulence.
  • In Calais there are blood clots or it has an unnatural black color (a sign of internal bleeding).

Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back have many causes and are invoked like regular muscle tension during exercise, and so formidable a disease as sepsis, which occurs when the rupture of an internal organ. Self here does not a diagnosis make, and without a doctor can not do. Only he can explain and help to get rid of suffering. Try to get rid of pain itself is a very dangerous undertaking, which could end in tragedy. So the main thing is not to be afraid to trust doctors, because it affects our health, and hence quality of life.