To what doctor to address, if back pain?

The doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis, then they are sent to the correct person. The spine take care of your problem, if the health of the spine. Should visit the office of a neurologist if there are any pinched nerve or irritated nerve tissue inflammation. You may need to visit a cardiologist or gastroenterologist, if the cause of the pain will be due to the malfunction of internal organs.

back pain

Medicine in our days are highly specialized. First, it will be difficult to determine to what doctor to address. If back pain and present of chronic disease in the first place report the pain the doctor. Different diseases cause different pain. They can be expressed constantly or in bouts. The pain can be stabbing, whining, go in the legs, throbbing, pressure.

Chronic pain syndrome is often caused by excessive growth of bone tissue. At the same time the patient feels numb and weak legs. Paid a visit to the neurologist.

If the feelings are aching, the reason may be muscle inflammation. The pain is mild, but long to go. The inflammatory process can be triggered by hypothermia or excessive stress. Will help you in the office of the neurologist.

Stabbing pain possible pathology of the respiratory or genitourinary system. In such cases you will need the services of a pulmonologist or urologist. The tunic and in those cases, when people broke my back. Such symptoms may indicate a hernia or risk of its occurrence. This will help the neurologist or spine.

But if the back pain arose, and to what doctor to go there, go to the therapist. It will tell you what tests to take, what tests to pass. Studying and analyzing data symptoms, the therapist will decide which of the doctors you go to.


This doctor specializiruetsya on the study of the spine and its pathologies. It will be the overall picture and determine its competence, the source of the pain, and give recommendations for treatment. Good doctors themselves possess the skills of the massage therapist and chiropractor working in the plastic surgery of spine.

All these treatment methods will help you, if back pain due to the fact that:

  • You sleep on a very soft nor a hard, uneven bed;
  • Uncomfortable fit during sleep;
  • Sleep on a bed of artificial tissues;
  • Working hard physically;
  • Constantly sit at the computer or working in the office.

Not to look for a doctor, follow the following preventive guidelines:

  • Sleep only on the bed of medium hardness. Too hard and soft mattresses and pillows slowly deform your spine. Day to keep good posture;
  • If you are a driver or an office worker, often try to stretch and stand;
  • Make easy unobtrusive workout. In our days it is for this reason most back pain in adults;
  • Sitting at the computer, correctly select the Desk and chair. Backrest should be high, so as not to create excessive tension in the back. Hands better to keep the armrests. If they are on weight, the vertebrae have an additional burden;
  • Get rid of extra pounds. Overweight is not strongly loads the musculoskeletal system, creating a risk of osteochondrosis and hernias, but also affects the metabolic processes in cartilage;
  • Start swimming or gymnastics. People involved in physical therapy, support the musculature of his back was normal. Not necessarily at the same time for sports records. To cure their unpleasant effects can be difficult;
  • Lifting weights at home, straighten the back. Otherwise with a broken back is guaranteed.


To find a doctor is not always easy. If you ask a conventional physician, what kind of doctor treats the spine, the answer is likely to be a neurologist. The competence of neurologists not included such a number of therapeutic techniques which owns the spine. But these doctors will diagnose you and if you are a victim of sciatica, degenerative disc disease or herniation, the problem is found and treatment prescribed.

Neurologist at your local hospital will be able to diagnose such pathology of the skeleton:

  • Sciatica (inflammation of the spinal nerve);
  • Intervertebral hernia (output of the intervertebral disc with a stable position and his termination);
  • Low back pain (strain discs and cartilage);
  • Osteophytes (extra bone growths on the vertebrae);
  • The inflammatory process in the area of the sciatic nerve;
  • Protrusion of (the first stages of development of a hernia).

It may seem that there are problems with your back, but to require treatment will be the endocrine, or respiratory system. The reason may lie in infections or tumors.

Other doctors


Urologist. If the source of back pain were not found by the neurologist and homemade treatment methods for pain in the back does not help, contact your urologist. Your back pain might be a signal of patients with renal or other urological pathology.

A pulmonologist. Aching in the region of the thoracic spine may be due to the fact that the observed lung pathology. Therefore, the pulmonologist will identify the presence of infectious diseases, tuberculosis, or pleurisy. In turn, the stabbing pain of the back can talk on the inflammatory process.

Cardiologist. It may be that stabbing pain in the thoracic spine, which the patient associated with the back, is a consequence of cardiovascular diseases. The cardiologist removes the risk of myocardial infarction and cardiac ischemia.

Endocrinologist. This specialist will reveal the possible lack of calcium or calcium metabolism. If the problem is in insufficient supply of the organism with this substance, there may be disturbances in the musculoskeletal system.

The rheumatologist. Examine the connective tissue and metabolic processes. Will be able to identify the risk of arthritis or arthrosis, if there is one.

Trauma. Worth exploring and old injuries. They can be felt many years later. And it may be that the patient tore off the back, hard bothering.

The gastroenterologist. Stabbing pain may be the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcers or gastritis of the stomach, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. There may be problems with excretion of bile, inflammation of the pancreas, intestinal diseases. A gastroenterologist will also rule out a suspected appendicitis.

Oncologist. Bodies, deformations which are manifested as back pain, can be a place of development of tumors. Crosses in the back could be malignant or benign tumors. Cancer respond much better to treatment in the early stages of development. Therefore, if the source of the pain can't find other doctors, better safe than sorry.

Gynecologist. Sore lower back many women during menstruation. This may be due to the fact that genetically the uterus is located slightly back. Lower back pain could signal an ectopic pregnancy, inflammation of the female reproductive system. Even a healthy pregnancy can cause back pain.

Diagnostic methods

To understand who to contact, what kind of doctor deals with your problem, you may need results of the following studies:

  • A simple blood test and urine tests will help to determine whether the observed inflammation in the body;
  • X-rays taken from different angles, time to find out if you are not facing the risk of developing a hernia;
  • CT will consider your injury, if you threw out your back or have experienced excessive stress;
  • MRI gives a broadly accurate picture, but it can be used no more than once per month;
  • The ultrasonic method will tell you about the condition of cartilage and tendons, will point to the danger of cancer;