Girdle pain under ribs and in back

Pain in the back can wear a different character. One of the most painful forms is girdle pain. It constrains the movement, is often paroxysmal in nature and may be caused by a huge number of reasons. And it can not be ignored in any case. Against the background of what reasons you may receive girdle pain under ribs and in back? How to win her?

Causes and characteristics of pain


If you compare this type of pain with others, which may appear on the background of diseases, encircling are the most unpleasant. They may have a long or short duration, often characterized by seizures. As a rule, independently identify the main cause of their occurrence is extremely difficult, as the appearance of such a symptom as girdle pain can occur when the development of many pathologies associated with most of the internal organs, and directly with elements of the musculoskeletal system.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

If the primary cause of such pain are problems with the spine, then most likely, the pain to a greater extent will be felt in the back. They may signal the development of intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis. As a rule, it is noted increased pain with movement – tilt, swivel. Gradually start to appear more symptoms – burning, tingling, numbness, sweating, etc. These feelings are signals that is compressed nerve roots.

Attention! If pronounced pathology of the spine in addition to pain, over time it is possible to earn problems with internal organs and paresis or paralysis of the lower extremities.

Also cause pain under the ribs often become directly and bone injuries in this area. Even a simple bruise or a small crack provokes rather unpleasant sensation of pain, and fractures of the ribs provide continuous pain, shortness of breath, etc. the main characteristic signs are abrasions, bruises, swelling.

Attention! In the presence of cough with blood, most likely, there is a lung injury with sharp pieces of bone.

Intercostal neuralgia

This disease is able to ruin lives. It quite often feels pain in the back between the ribs under them. In addition, the patient is experiencing severe burning sensation, "tingling" on the skin, can not freely move and even deep breathing during normal breaths the pain become stronger, and felt in his ribs and in the back. The main causes of intercostal neuralgia. – this injury, a sprain of some muscle, the longer the period of stay in the same position. The disease is not dangerous, but delivers significant discomfort.

Attention! If intercostal neuralgia is bilateral type of lesion, the pain will be across the back. Overall though they are felt on only one side.

Pathology of the lungs


To provoke the appearance of such a symptom can and most of the pathologies of internal organs (e.g., lungs, heart, elements of the digestive system. It is important to remember that pain in the upper quadrant with the transition to the back is one of the main symptoms of pneumonia is a dangerous disease that is often fatal and provides serious treatment under constant supervision of physicians (in the hospital). Necessarily pneumonia is characterized by additional symptoms – high body temperature, the skin in the nose bluish hue.

Attention! At the first signs of pneumonia is important to immediately call an ambulance. Without skilled medical help, the disease is not to win.

Pathology of the digestive system

This is the most common causes of girdle pains in the back and under the ribs, although the digestive system and has nothing to do with the musculoskeletal system. As a rule, the presence of such a symptom says about the following issues.

  • Pancreatitis – generally develops from fatty foods. The pain does not stop even if the person is in the supine position. The syndrome is usually felt in the left side of the body under the ribs.
  • Cholecystitis is characterized by the presence of pain under left ribs with the recoil in the back. Also the person feels sick, it may start a fever.
  • Ulcers of various localization – as a rule, formed in the wall of the stomach or duodenum 12. Pain is very strong, marked nausea. The pain is localized under my left ribs and surrounds the body.
  • Hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver diseases are characterized by the presence of the source of pain on the right side of the body under the ribs.
  • When the problems related to the spleen, marked pain under the left rib and felt in the area of the back.
  • Appendicitis is accompanied not only by encircling pain, which gradually moves to the lower part of the abdomen on the right, but also nausea, weakness, fever.

Other reasons

Girdle pains may appear for other reasons:

  • renal colic;
  • the development of tumors (pancreatic cancer, stomach);
  • problems with the gall bladder;
  • herpes zoster;
  • a heart attack.

If you want to learn more what to do if back hurts in the kidney area, and to consider the possible causes and effective treatments, you can read an article about it on our portal.



To correctly determine the cause of girdle pain is very important. As is clear from the above, the presence of such a symptom can tell us about not the most easy diseases, a very serious and life-threatening pathologies. Unfortunately, more likely to cope with this task can only doctor. Specialist must assign a number of studies to identify the true cause:

  • blood tests and urine tests. Blood is studied including biochemistry;
  • the study of secretions from the lungs;
  • a chest x-ray, the upper part of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs;
  • a gastroscopy.

The doctor will select them based on history. In General, you may need to consult different specialists: neurologist, trauma surgeon, gastroenterologist, etc.

To determine the cause of pain is extremely difficult. You can try to do it, based on the General characteristics of a symptom. So, you need to specify the source of the pain, its character (sharp, dull, aching, moderate, intolerable, etc.), to identify a number of factors in which the pain becomes more severe (e.g., breaths, coughing, bending, muscle tension). Sometimes it is important to know when the pain subsides – while in the warmth, taking analgesics or antispasmodic drugs after a meal or before it, etc.

Table. Possible causes depending on the type and location of pain.

The location and type of pain Possible causes
In the thoracic region Osteochondrosis, hernia between vertebrae, preinfarction angina, neuralgia.
Under the blades Overexertion of the muscles, problems with the Central nervous system and heart, heart attack, pathology of the stomach, injuries of the spine.
In the left part of the body Pathology of the liver, pancreatitis, gall bladder inflammation, kidney disease, including the presence of stones.
The pain is on the right Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, appendicitis.
Sharp pain Pathology of neuralgia, renal or biliary colic, pancreatitis, ruptured ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, problems with the spine.


Treatment for any girdling pain able to appoint only a doctor, especially if you have problems with self-identification of their causes. In a number of pathologies in any case you need emergency professional help. Treatment method will be chosen depending on what caused the appearance of pain syndrome.

Attention! Painkillers and antispasmodic drugs often eliminate the symptom temporarily but the pain always comes back, if it is not associated with overexertion of muscles or not serious injury.

Doctors can prescribe medication. As a rule, it aims to relieve pain or inflammation. Depending on the cause, can be prescribed ointments, pills, shots, etc. In some cases you may need surgery.



To reduce the risk of developing pathologies that can cause girdling of pain will help:

  • proper and balanced diet;
  • creating a favorable emotional environment;
  • healthy lifestyle and increased physical exercise (in moderation);
  • frequent walks in the fresh air;
  • careful personal hygiene.

How to relieve back pain?

Step 1. First and foremost, it is highly recommended to visit a doctor and get advice regarding the treatment of pain in it, to pass the necessary examination to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Step 2. It is recommended to visit a chiropractor, sign up for a session of acupuncture, if pains are problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Step 3. To ease the condition and help massage. Need to complete a full course of therapeutic massage, pre-finding a good specialist.

Step 4. Sometimes to kill the pain helps and physiotherapy. And sports will help to avoid the development of diseases.

Step 5. Also eliminate the pain will help with the mud. Now pass the course without visiting the sanatorium, and right in the city.

Step 6. It is recommended to perform simple exercises for stretching the back. The system can recommend a doctor.

Step 7. Sometimes the best doctor is a complete sleep and rest. It is important to find time for a good sleep and rest up after work. It is also recommended to purchase a quality mattress.

Step 8. In some cases quickly get rid of the pain helps analgesic drug. Should be taken only in accordance with the instruction manual and not much to get excited about.

Step 9. It is important to take care of the back condition while working. Those who perform sedentary work, it is recommended to buy a quality chair and occasionally do the workout of the back and neck. For those who perform heavy physical work, it is recommended to perform a warm-up and stretching and to measure the load without straining yourself.

Girdle pain in the back or under the ribs may indicate the development of serious pathologies. So you should give it the maximum attention and immediately go to the doctor, especially if it does not pass a short period of time or frequently occurs again. It is not necessary to self-medicate, as this may provoke a more active development of pathologies and lead in some cases to a sad outcome.