Sore kidneys or your back: how to identify and learn

The appearance of pain in the back is evidence of various diseases and disorders. It is not always possible to determine the nature of the symptom. How do you know that kidneys hurt?

pain in the kidneys or back

This question is often asked by many people, because the syndrome develops in the lower back, and knowing the main symptom, the pain syndrome and the causes, you can determine the problem in the kidneys or the back.

For proper treatment need to be tested and pass a comprehensive examination.

Pain back and spine

There are several characteristic features that determine back pain. It has a different meaning:

  1. Drawing pain in the back.
  2. Strong syndrome, which is manifested by lower back.
  3. Sharp sensation during movement.
  4. Shoots a symptom or blocking when back pain, not giving the ability to fully unbend.

If you have problems with the spine, the main symptoms will be localized in the center of the lower back.

In addition, the feeling can radiate to the arms or legs. Appears the sign of the following reasons:

  1. During injuries to the discs between the vertebrae, for this reason, the hernia is formed.
  2. Incorrect posture, curvature of the spine.
  3. Sciatica, which hurts above the waist.
  4. The offset of the discs and the development of hernia, in this case, it would be a pain in the waist, not above or below.

If the syndrome appears below the lumbar, the reasons can be in the hernia, sciatica or a heavy load on his back.

Osteochondrosis or scoliosis symptom becomes more intense during the movements and sensations develop the muscles of the back.

The signs of the disease have different kinds of manifestations:

  1. Beginners.
  2. Progressive.
  3. Chronic.

At many pathological processes a sore lower back, therefore, to determine the exact cause can only be in a comprehensive diagnosis.

Disease back people, often acquired, less common cases of congenital.

Due to the structure of the spine, its structure and location, many people can damage it.

Among the main causes of pain syndrome of the back are:

  1. Mechanical damage to the back or spine fracture.
  2. Infection of tissues post.
  3. Intense and frequent back strain.
  4. Hernia, curvature of the spine.
  5. Inflammatory processes in the joints.
  6. Cancers.

As a result of improper nutrition, insufficient activity, or obesity may also develop discomfort in the back.

In the course of the therapy methods and medications that block pain, eliminate inflammation and accelerate recovery of injured tissue.

If diagnosed with the disease back, then the patient can be prescribed creams that should be rubbed on the areas of pain.

They eliminate muscle spasms, have a warming effect and relieve inflammation.

To maintain the correct shape of the spine used orthopedic belts, corsets.

Based on the causes and diagnosis, doctors can prescribe medications, massage, physical therapy. In very advanced cases, surgical treatment of diseases.

Signs of kidney disease

It is important to know how to understand that kidneys hurt, because feelings may be similar to the problems in the spine.

Itself pain syndrome due to the kidney does not appear, it occurs in lesions of the pair on mechanically, viruses, and infections and colds.

Pain in kidney area and lower back lower back indicates a lack of activity, sedentary job or sudden lifting of heavy objects.

Determine renal pain or lower back pretty hard with self-diagnostic methods.

It is important to determine where exactly an unpleasant feeling. The kidneys themselves are located slightly higher than the lumbar, as well as the body doubles, the pain may be localized to the right or left, but will be at the top.


To determine sore kidneys or other parts can be characteristic features:

  1. Swelling – the primary symptom of pathological processes that occur in the kidneys. The symptom appears mostly in the morning, the patient begins to swell face, eyes, legs. Also determine swelling in the extremities by elastic bands from socks that will stay on the body. These symptoms indicate pyelonephritis, or glomerulonephritis.
  2. Discomfort in the hips and pubic area. These symptoms may not always develop, and renal colic you can be sure the disease doubles on.
  3. Blood in the urine – like urine indicates the disease or pyelonephritis that occurs in the chronic phase. The appearance of blood may indicate the presence of tumors, and severe inflammation.
  4. Failure urination – another characteristic symptom of the disorders in the kidneys. The patient will not only pain, but the lack or frequent urination.

Renal abnormalities in patients starts General deterioration. Patients quickly get tired, will always be weak in body, strong sweating, headache, poor appetite.

When kidney pains and diseases, work is much worse, so the body going to the harmful substances causing intoxication.

Pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman's body be many changes. Doctors say that back pain during pregnancy is a normal process, because the fetus in the course of growth is having the load on the spine, the back.

Throughout the pregnancy, women may feel uncomfortable, while kidneys can fail.

It is very important to know how to determine what exactly almost sick during pregnancy and not something else.

If there is a dysfunction of the pair on, it increases the risk of disease.

To determine the presence of a pathological process is possible, if you know the characteristics and location of the kidneys:

  1. During urination appears pain syndrome.
  2. After emptying there is a feeling that the bladder is still full.
  3. Develops swelling of the limbs and face.
  4. There is a change in pressure in the direction of growth.
  5. During palpation felt pain kidneys.

If pain in kidney area and lower back do not cease to occur, they are gaining intensity. During pregnancy, women can experience different types of the syndrome:

  1. Aching.
  2. Constant.
  3. Growing.

Disease paired organ is complemented by nausea and vomiting, expectant mother freezes, may be the growth temperature.

At home to take action is strictly prohibited, since the high risk of providing harm to the baby.

At the first unpleasant symptoms should consult doctors.

Pain disease

Pain in the kidneys or back frequently develop in pathological process when there is inflammation and other malfunctions of organs.

There are several distinctive symptoms that are characteristic of kidney disease:

  1. Pyelonephritis is a disease characterized by an inflammatory process that occurs in the kidneys. Typically, pain occurs in one kidney, pain will be to the right or left. By the nature of the sensations of aching and pulling. Due to inflammation there is swelling and growth of the affected organs.
  2. Glomerulonephritis – damage to the renal glomeruli leads to the pathology of infection organs. Pain is low, and the urine will be seen the blood fails of water-salt balance.
  3. Renal failure is characterized by a dull aching sensation.
  4. Cancers in early development no characteristic features. After a certain period there is a swelling in the area of the affected organ. Impaired kidneys, so in the urine of blood appears, the patient is not relieved and rises the temperature.
  5. Nephroptosis – when the kidney disease fall below the normal position. Pain appear from time to time, have a pull character. Patients happen congestive processes, which leads to unpleasant sensations. The most common affected right kidney, most of the pathology diagnosed in women.
  6. Disease the urine is characterized by a colic that arises from a failure of the outflow of urine. Pain syndrome strong, sharp. The disease is easily diagnosed, because the symptoms are hard to confuse with other diseases.

Knowing how to manifest discomfort in the various States, any person will be able to suspect the disease or other problem that will allow timely access to doctors for help and the speedy treatment.

Pain after alcohol

People who from time to time drink alcohol, can identify violations of the kidney after ingestion of beer.

In this case, it is only possible to identify what hurts, the cause of the discomfort. After the alcohol is increased, the load on the kidneys, violated their work:

how to know
  1. Any alcohol, especially beer has a strong diuretic effect. Based on the amount of consumed beer, the load on the paired organ is increased in 2-3 times, whereby the throughput is reduced, the body is poisoned by toxic substances.
  2. Filter reduces, the amount of fluid passing through the kidneys is reduced. Toxins begin to wash the protein, leading to proteinuria. If you frequently drink beer pathology can become chronic, so the healthy cells die gradually. Leaching of the protein does not normally regenerated and updated fabrics, therefore the aging process begins much earlier.
  3. Primary treatment of alcohol is due to the liver and the urine that gets into the kidneys, included a lot of ethanol, it is necessary that output. Due to this toxic substances adversely affect paired organ, causing severe pain and lack of authority.

If you abuse alcohol, then after time is the destruction of the vessels. In the most neglected problem is not treatable and analgesics and other medications do not eliminate pain.

These drugs only worsen the condition, as it increases the load on the liver. Remove pain with hospitalization and treatment in hospital.

In this condition, the person needs to undergo a course of drug therapy, to follow a strict diet.

Even if you use a natural beer, which is prepared correctly, then it will be a lot of harmful substances that can activate renal function and liver, causing severe stress.

After alcohol in small amounts, the kidneys can normalize in a few days, assuming the use of proper nutrition and some folk remedies.

Continuous drinking leads to chronic pathologies, and every day the possibility of recovery is reduced.


Experienced doctors know the basic signs of malfunctions in the kidneys. To determine the exact cause and diagnosis, comparing conventional back pain and lower back kidney, doctors use these methods:

  1. Produced a light tapping on the back near the kidneys, with the help of her hands. If there are violations in bodies, the patients feel a dull pain inside.
  2. Used x-rays of the lower back to rule out or confirm changes in the spine.
  3. Definitely need to give blood and urine for tests.
  4. Doctors use ultrasound of the kidneys and abdomen to determine the size of pair of the organ and the presence of stones inside.

It is worth remembering that when the inflammatory process never use heat on the site of the pain.

Home methods are not recommended for use if there is no confidence in diagnosis. It is best to consult a doctor who will indicate all methods for the treatment and relief of the main symptoms.

What to do for pain

Self-treatment for diseases of the excluded, but there are a few rules that you can use at home:

  1. To observe the drinking mode, try to drink more water and other drinks (fruit drinks, herbal infusions, etc.).
  2. To follow a proper diet, try to reduce the consumption of meat products and chocolate, and to reduce drinking coffee and tea.
  3. To exclude alcohol.
  4. While seasonality should be sure to have watermelon, which can be washed out of the kidneys and other organs all harmful substances.
  5. Reduce stress with a strong dorsal pain, try not to abrupt bending and other movements.
  6. If the pain is severe, you can use pain-relieving drugs that are prescribed by a doctor.

On kidney disease the tests and indicate the results of other studies. If the rules of standard indicators above, the body has pathological processes.

In combination with medication, doctors often prescribe treatment of folk remedies that include herbs.


When a doctor makes a diagnosis, then immediately assigned to the proper and effective treatment. It may be different depending on the reasons, one of them developed pain.

When nephrolithiasis surgical treatment are rare, but the therapy will be long and unpleasant, because the yield of sand and stones, causing a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

The pain due to stones in the kidney is frequently combined with a toothache, but after the wow of the withdrawal syndrome is complete.

If the pain evolves from time to time, we need to discuss painkillers that are allowed to use at home.

Usually prescribe antispasmodic tablet. In the course of therapy, or it can be infected by infections, viruses, in this case, it is necessary to drink additional antibiotics. If you do not use drugs may need surgical intervention with removal of one kidney.

diagnosis and treatment

Knowing how to determine back pain, their nature and character, we can understand that the symptom develops due to a pathological process or a conventional overload.