Usage instructions Hondrocream

The manufacturer has provided different situations in which the possible application of the cream. It is used in the following sequence:

  1. At the place where the most notable pain syndrome (muscle, joint or tendons), applied in a thin layer. Use massage movements. Apply only on dry skin and do not rinse within the hour.
  2. After application it is recommended to apply a light bandage to protect yourself from further injuries.
  3. Cream should be applied three times in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Indications for use

To use the cream as possible for the prevention and treatment procedures. Its use is recommended for elderly patients, athletes and people who have experienced any injuries or suffer from diseases that cause pain syndromes in the soft tissues or joints. Use the ointment can not only in case of illness or injury. The product is suitable for use by young people who suffer from muscle and joint pain from having to sit in one position (computer work), regular physical activity.

This cream is considered one of the most effective tools not only in the treatment of most injuries, but for prevention. It is used to prevent the development of arthritis, destructive-dystrophic diseases of the joints, osteoarthritis, etc. the use of the drug allows to achieve the following results:

Indications Hondrocream
  • eases pain in various injuries and diseases that affect the proper functioning of muscles, joints, bones and tendons;
  • prevents destruction of soft and cartilaginous tissue, accelerates the process of recovery;
  • returns the normal functioning of the damaged parts of the body;
  • improves metabolic processes, including post-traumatic action;
  • with the components removed, the excess voltage is returned muscle tone;
  • relieves swelling, accelerates healing in the treatment of various diseases and restoring after injuries;
  • convulsive relieves muscle tension, prevents convulsions;
  • toniziruyut blood vessels.

The cream effectively cope with pain caused by various illnesses and injuries. It is used to treat patients of different age groups, due to what may be considered as a universal option when the need arises in the regular use of a cream that can help with traumatic injuries.


The cream is not recommended for use in only two cases — the patient has an individual intolerance of any components in the composition or he is up to 5 years.