Back pain is the second occurrence after headache.

The occurrence of painful sensations in the field of back pain is associated most often with the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Some of the problems with the internal organs may also pay the pain in the back area.

Depending on the nature of the back pain can be acute, pulling, nagging, strong, weakly expressed, shooting.

Stabbing pain in the back, the person always can freely move, twist, move.

This circumstance contributes to the moral and physical discomfort. A number of inconveniences brings a pulling pain in the back.

The causes and localization of stretches for back pain

The spine

Stretches pain back pain, most often localized in the lumbar region or in the lower back. In some cases, headaches may occur in the lateral area. The pain, which originated in the back can be primary or secondary.

The primary arises as a result of destructive changes of the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, disorders of the functioning of the muscles and connective tissue. In the category of primary back pain include chronic disorders of the development of posture, sedentary lifestyle, age-related changes, excessive physical load.

The causes of secondary pain may be trauma, tumor, inflammatory or other pathological processes, arising as a result of kidney disease, urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, respiratory, intercostal neuralgia. Secondary pain appear again, or they may occur systematically for a longer period of time.

Drag back pain depending on the localization have different symptomatology:

  • stretches acute pain in the waist area, which is characterized by a gunshot in the leg or in the hand, is most often indicates a spinal injury. Typically, such pain has a rising character: at first, the sensation of pain have a weak distinctive character, then the pains are more frequent, stronger, applicable to the whole of the lumbar region;
  • when the deformation of the individual vertebrae, characterized by pain, localized just in the area of the destructive way of the developing spine. When this occurs the pulling pain in the back in that department, where it comes to the destructive development. The vertebrae can bulge and have an unnatural operation. The pain can also spread to the lumbar department;
  • the emerging rupture pain, increasing while driving then on one side of the spine, then on the other, it may be symptom of the inflammatory process in the muscles of the back. Process (myositis) may be accompanied by swelling and redness in the focus of inflammation;
  • pull the pain, which appear in the sacral spine, which is characterized by limitation of mobility, with the affects the joints of the vertebral column. Alone the spine becomes shorter gradually with pain and limitation of physical function are enhanced. These symptoms are characteristic of the disease ankylosing Spondylitis.

In addition to development disorders of the spine, bone and muscle tissue of the back, pain can become a cause of disruption of the work of the internal organs:

  • the cardiovascular system. Pulls the pain that occurs in the lower back on the left often may indicate a failure to work the cardiovascular system. The most severe pain, which may be a signal of ischemia, the possible development of the condition before the heart attack, arise behind the sternum, they give in the area of the shoulder blades of the back, left hand;
  • of the respiratory system. Pneumonia is caused by the pulling pain on the left side of the back. This happens because of damage to the lower part of the pleura.

Other violation of the functioning of the internal organs, can also lead to pulling of the head: inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, diseases of the ureter, interrupting the work of the intestines, diseases of the kidney, internal genital organs, cancer tumor processes.

During pregnancy the load on your back and squeezing the fruit to nearby organs and blood vessels often appear dragging pain in the lower back.

The consequences pulls back pain


You need to realize, when the pain is a sign of defective development of organs, muscles or bone structures of the vertebrae. In particular, it is full of pain, which arose as a result of cancer. The occurrence of stretches of pain, in particular, appear constantly, is the reason for the appeal to the doctors.

Crucial should reveal the cause, in which pain occurs in the back. The removal of the causes of the pain syndrome in the back would drag feelings of pain.

If left untreated stretches for back pain, it can exacerbate the development of the disease causing the discomfort. In cases of destructive development of the spine is possible overgrowth of bone tissue, disruption of the work of the internal organs.

In inflammatory processes possible damage to the surrounding systems of the body. Any pain should be treated. Upon the occurrence of the acute pain, the long and constantly reminding about themselves, it is necessary to avoid physical exertion on the back.

The removal of stretches for back pain

Pulls the pain that occurs in the back, is not takes place immediately at the first visit to the doctor. Often complex treatment is a long process, especially if it is a violation of the structure of the vertebrae, the cartilage tissue of the spine.

First aid

As first aid for pain in the back area it is necessary to take lying situation. If there is acute pain in the back, you can try yourself to stop the painful, and then turn to the doctor.

When injury of the spine first aid consists in the events, which may alleviate the condition:

  • it is necessary to lie down on a firm mattress;
  • at the injury site (in the lack of disorders of the skin sheets) to attach the pillow with the ice not more than ten minutes. This will lead to the removal of the swelling and remove muscle tension;
  • you can resort to ice massage, which is necessary to perform several times a day.

Important! Damage to the spine can be the cause of development of pathological processes in the vertebrae, so after the injury to seek medical help. Separate handling during the formation of the back pain may not always be effective due to the incorrect identification of the causes of painful syndromes. When severe trauma, and in some cases it is necessary to completely restrict the physical activity of the spine and cause medical students.

If the pain occur systematically, disappear and appear again, then is to can be attributed to the chronic. Only medical intervention can help cure this kind of pain.



As usual, when they appear particularly acute pulling pain arises the need to take painkillers. Reduce the inflammatory processes and eliminate spicy and unbearable pain can be the help of special ointments, gels, which have anti-inflammatory and pain medication action.

Remedies help relieve the pain for a certain period of time. As usual, it is necessary the systematic use of this drug for pain relief. In this period it is necessary to abandon any physical exertion.

However, it must be remembered that the removal of pain syndrome is not conducive to the removal of the causes of stretches for back pain, cupping of the pain syndrome drowns out the signal of the body about any violations in the body.

Surgical treatment

Reasons stretches for back pain most often are eliminated by the use of drugs, therapeutic gymnastics, massage and other means, which require surgical intervention.

Cases when surgery is needed, be assessed separately and belongs to the category of chronic pulling of the head.

A testimony to surgical intervention when systematically appear or not cutting the pain syndrome back pain are:

  • constant sharp pain in the back area, which are the result of conservative treatment;
  • scoliosis of the spine (young, progressive);
  • a herniated disc in the complicated form, the cause of which is a compression of the vertebrae, the root of the nerve endings;
  • a tumor or hernia of the spine;
  • unstable development of the spine.

Most often, in diseases of the internal systems of the body, resulting in stretches for back pain, surgery is not necessary: treatment is done using drugs.

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies is indicated in relieving the pain of pulling character in the result of inflammatory processes in muscle and surface tissues of the back.

With the help of herbal ingredients and organic means can be used to prepare compresses, which help to not only relax the back muscles, but can eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, relieve swelling:

  • a poultice with honey, blue clay and aloe will help to remove the pain at the hernia of the intervertebral disc or osteochondrosis;
  • in rheumatic pains helps clay with vinegar;
  • incense and apple cider vinegar — the removal of the acute pain;
  • the leaves and roots of horseradish to help relieve the acute pulling pain;
  • mustard, arranged on a pre-greased back with honey will help remove the pain and inflammation.

The means of folk medicine will help get on my feet in unbearable back pain, and is also effective in the complex treatment. The use of the funds of the people's treatment should be necessarily align with the doctor.

Physical therapy


Exercise therapy is the most effective method of removing pain in the spine. Therapeutic physical training should be done only according to instructions from an expert, because in some cases it is unacceptable to perform the exercise not only intense, but also in a continuous silent mode.

In the stretches back pain exercises are most often performed in a lying position.

When this takes place:

  • flexion and extension of the legs;
  • breeding legs to the sides;
  • the breeding of the knees;
  • performing exercises with the help of the roller.

Important! If exercise leads to pain feelings, it is necessary to stop their implementation. It is not worth to do the exercise, twitching or by sudden movements: such filling will not lead to the result, and can only increase the pain.

Massage and self-massage

Massage may also be appointed at the stretches back pain. The classification of massage into the treatment is carried out only after diagnosis of the disease, because in some cases, it is strictly contraindicated in:

  • when tuberculosis;
  • in cases of oncology;
  • at high blood pressure;
  • in acute inflammatory processes.

Massage should be performed by a qualified expert. The same thing can advise on methods of self-massage, which you can make yourself at home in the occurrence of pain.

So, dragging pain in the back, can act independently: they are a sign of pathological processes in the spine, in the muscle tissues in the internal organs of the body. Drag the pain may be temporary in nature, and can flow into a chronic running form.

Temporarily remove the pulling of the unbearable pain it is possible by using medicines, folk remedies, but also for the complete elimination of the pain syndrome (the removal of the causes of its occurrence), it is necessary to seek medical help. Using the methods of the diagnosis the doctor will determine the origin of the pain.

A comprehensive treatment using medicines, massage, therapeutic physical training help to treat the disease that leads to pain. In some cases it is possible surgical intervention. Remove the cause, the patient gets rid of the symptoms.